-The Cardigan-

Good grief.  I’ve been working on another post I SWEAR, but it’s just taking too long.  And so….on to shorter posts.


It’s been ridiculed and stereotyped, but is it justified?

Yes the cardigan is worn by an older spectrum of people, but it’s making an odd comeback among the younger generation.

There are open cardigans, cardigans with pockets, cardigans that button up the front, cardigans with lace inserts, knit cardigans, crocheted cardigans, long cardigans, short cardigans…the list goes on and on and is still growing by the day!

My Advice: How To Wear a Cardigan -correctly-

1. Pair it with a basic layering tank top or a camisole (solid colors, minimal patterns), and jeans (shorts, capris, or regular old jeans).

-> Why: Pairing a knit or crocheted cardigan with a knit layering top with knit pants of whatever sort is a knit-overload. Jeans add a firm and controlled fabric to sophisticate  the more comfortable cardigan. A simple layering top will help to keep your ensemble from being too busy.

2. If it’s open, wear a pendant on a long chain or a y-necklace.  If it buttons up half-way wear a necklace that’s either just above or just below your layering shirt’s neckline.

-> Why: Open cardigan: A long chain will help liven up the otherwise plain layering top.  The long chain or the hanging part of the y-necklace will keep any spots from looking too bare.  Closed cardigan: A shorter necklace around-but not at-the neckline will help balance out the empty space from your chin to where the cardigan closes below your bust-line.

3. Match your shoes with the weather but keep it casual.   Cardigans don’t call for fancy heels, or more importantly-high heels.  Try comfy boots or sneakers, maybe flip-flop style sandals, but avoid cut-outs and towering heels.

-> Why: Cardigans are casual articles of clothing.  Pairing them with not-casual shoes will make you look off-balance and confused as to what you’re actually doing that day.  Slouchy or knit boots and sneakers are the perfect way to keep class while staying casual.

The Verdict:

Yes, cardigans are a great AS LONG AS you know how to wear them correctly 🙂

The Cardigan

Thoughts anyone?



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