-Cowboy Boots-


Oh dear…this one could get interesting.  I’m a hard-core country girl at heart so I automatically want to vote this up, but how can we REALLY wear them?

I’ve seen cowboy boots popping up everywhere.  Some places make perfect sense like in a country town or at a country-style club, but I’ve seen them worn with a full cowboy get-up to a job interview…so let’s set some guidelines?

My Advice:

1. Jean shorts work great, but capris look a bit odd with both short AND high boots.  So either full -length jeans tucked into the boot, flares over them, or shorts and avoid the problem altogether!

-> Why: Jeans are a must. It’s just a cowboy boots thing, they don’t make sense with cargo pants, wide-leg flowy pants, athletic fabric… just no. They need to be worn with jeans.

2. The top can be a simple tank top with an open blouse over it for a casually chillin out sort of vibe, or with a tucked in blouse for more of a put-together look.  Or just a tank top.  But sleeveless and three-quarter or longer seem to fit best.  Short-sleeves are more of a tourist-trying-too-hard-ish thing.

-> Why: Think cowboys…they wouldn’t be seen in anything modern or hassled.  They keep it simple and functional-as should you if you wear cowboy boots.  Their boots, their rules. 🙂

3. Necklaces-same as I always say- either the pendant/bottom of the necklace needs to be either above or below the neckline.   And for bracelets-leather wrap bracelets link in with the leather of the boots perfectly and are gaining trend-momentum every day!

-> Why: With boots, you should try to keep the necklace simple so you don’t get too overwhelmed attention-demanding pieces. The boots should cover it for you.  The leather bracelets stay simple and-again-they tie in with the leather of the boots to make it a ‘look’ instead of ‘some clothes you wore with cowboy boots.’

The Verdict: YES YES YES!!! Cowboy boots are fantastic.  The downside-they’re casual so…if you’re looking for a formal look, look elsewhere.

Cowboy Boots




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