Harper’s Bazaar-2012 Spring Fashion Trends-“Flower Power”

Confession-I’ve always cringed at floral designs worn as clothing. Or used as wallpaper or any sort of drapery. HOWEVER, I am willing to put aside our differences, and attempt a friendly run-in with ‘flower power’ as Harper’s Bazaar so aptly put it. Let’s see if this trend can be translated into the everyday, attainable, and most importantly-not the horrendously outlandish.

Harper's Bazaar 2012 Spring Fashion Trends-"Flower Power"

Alexander McQueen’s Floral Skull Tank was the closest I could come to floral print. I tried, really I did.

I’ve seen a rise in bleached, colored, and studded shorts and I have fallen in love with this trend, so I incorporated it into the blue and purple of the tank.

For jewelry, I chose flower earrings, a flower ring (the faceted gray is just beautiful), a shredded leather bracelet, and a key ring.

The ankle booties close off your foot, but lengthen your legs-especially with these short shorts. Perfect for springtime since your legs have been hiding all winter!  Or, if heels just don’t make sense for your day, I chose gray sneakers-they’re neutral but still classic.

In the other outfit, (I hope you noticed that there are two different ones… :P) I paired dark blue jeans with a light peach flowy tank.

For jewelry, I chose a layered chain necklace with a beautiful white flower accent, another flower ring, and more flower earrings. I tried to compensate for the lack of floral print via flower-themed accessories. Did I do okay?

And for the shoes, I have white heels-keeping the look from getting too dark and matching the white of the flower in the necklace-or flats that match the top. I usually avoid flats because my enormous feet look like canoes when I wear them and I’ve never understood their appeal to be honest, but to all you small-footed ladies or those of you who are partial to flats, enjoy them!


1.This is a SPRING look so try to avoid entirely dark ensembles. I had a black shirt, so I have extremely bright shorts-make sense?

2. Floral prints aren’t a complete no-go, if you find an adorable floral top then go for it! Balance it with solid colored layers/jeans.

3.Not a flowery person? Yeah me either-try wearing something that’s ‘you’ and add a ring or earrings. Start small. 🙂



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