Harper’s Bazaar-2012 Spring Fashion Trends- “Out of Africa”

Hmm-animal prints have a lot of potential to get sleazy and cheap-looking, and safari clothing has never really been couture, but I guess if Harper’s Bazaar is seeing it…it’s there? Whether it is or not, let’s make tomorrow a safari kind of day!

Harper's Bazaar-2012 SpringFashion Trends- "Out of Africa"

WOW I really love this! Everything just kind of came together on Polyvore. On the left, there’s a tribal print top paired with dark shorts-the shorts’ pockets are actually animal print too-and on the right, there’s a print skirt paired with a basic dark brown tank.

Both of these can be worn with either the slingbacks for a high-heeled excursion, or with the boots (which I want for my own, I love boots) if you have more walking or just don’t want to deal with the heels. Which is completely understandable.

For jewelry, I have gold and wooden bangles paired with a tiger-eye ring and a necklace with small gold rings. I actually really really like the necklace and might make a cheaper version of my own later. Because I’m broke. No laughing.

The zebra print bag was a happy accident, I stumbled on it and it just fit with everything else so I added it to the ensemble-to-be! The fringe backpack fits perfectly too-the shade of brown, the accenting white stitching…can I just submit this to my fairy godmother and she can just deliver all of this to me? Pwease? 😀


1. Keep bold animal prints to a minimum. Just…trust me.

2. Browns are commonly paired with animal/african/tribal prints, but dare to be different! Try vibrant oranges, yellows, and even reds.

3. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you-animal prints are attention whores. If you’re being overwhelmed, try lowering the contrast of brights to darks. For example, the skirt has much less contrast than the zebra bag-you follow? 🙂 Good luck!



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