UpNext… Glamour Fashion

And next, Glamour Fashion’s “Most Wearable Trends”.  This will hopefully be an easier feat to accomplish as far as relating the runway looks to everyday wear-but with fashion, you just never know.

NOTE-I’m sorry this took so long everyone! I’m going to stop at the jade green dress because i have remarkably little faith in “Chunky Sweaters and Gauzy Skirts”. Sorry, that’s just too daunting. I’ll be working on more 2012 trends starting in about 5 minutes-but I figured I’d publish the 2011 trends anyways. Some of these I’ll be wearing myself! 🙂

1. “Peplum Blazers, Coats, and Vests”

In the real world, poofy vests belted off to define shape make us look like we’re wearing designer life-preservers.  So veering away from angling-shouldered blazer and down-filled hunting vests, let’s see what we can come up with.

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011- Peplum Blazers, Coats, and Vests

Sorry blazers and puffer vests, I just couldn’t do it. The spiky shoulders and inflatable lifeguard aide thing just wasn’t working for me.  I did stick to the layering idea though. Depending on the look you’re going for, the skirts can be interchanged to go with the navy top and gray vest-cardigan.  I personally like the belted skirt because of the shape of the fabric, it just looks easy to wear-flirty but professional at the same time.

The t-strap heels are a key part of this look, but as we all know-sometimes they just aren’t practical.  So I’d wear them if the day included not too much walking and a need for set-apart flair.  Otherwise, trusty converse are the alternative to give a comfy-chic feel.  If your day includes studying at the park or grabbing lunch at the cafe a few blocks down then I’d grab the sneakers.

I personally avoid pairing silver and gold jewelry together, but in this outfit I couldn’t decide which would look better. So I went with…neither!  Instead I chose wood jewelry-accented by silver.  The chunky wood bangle with the elephant is a personal touch to bring the outfit a bit of ‘you’ and the wood necklace has been minimized to a thin chain and a few wood pieces to keep from feeling like you’re wearing furniture.  The star ring is just an extra feminine touch that ties in with converse’s star symbol.


Too preppy…yes I’ll admit the whole navy and white with a cardigan is a preppy combination.  If it’s too much, you can change navy out for a different color or pair -color of your choice- with something other than white.  That should help tone down the teacher’s-pet thing. 🙂

Too casual…this look has a lot of room to personalize.  For instance, the skirt can be changed to a pencil for more business appeal, or the cardigan can be swapped for a blazer.  (You might want to avoid the heavily padded shoulders though-those things can poke an eye out.)


2. “Mustard Hues”

Have you ever been to Florida?  I used to live there and went there for a family reunion a while ago-but while there I was PLAGUED with mustard yellow houses.  So I don’t have much love for mustard yellow with the opinion that it should keep to it’s namesake while on our food.  However, I will try to overcome personal bias and present you with a mustard-I mean, fashionable spin-off for the common people.

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011- Mustard Hues

Yes okay, so there is very little ‘mustard’ incorporated into this, but I think it’s plenty.  I paired the top with gray skinny jeans because of their neutral color and the flowy dynamic of the top.

All of the accessories are red so that the yellow is more ‘yellow’ than ‘brown-yellow’.  Shoes can be interchanged depending on mood and plans of course.  This is also why the jeans are a neutral color instead of denim blue-the blue, red, and yellow theme would scream promary colors.

I kept the jewelry simple with just a wire wrapped pendant and then the knotted headband that matched the top’s hue perfectly.  At least in the picture. 🙂


Not enough mustard…you can flip-flop the emphasis point for the mustard.  I chose the top because it’s a focal point without there having to be too much of the color.  Instead you could have a mustard skirt or shoes and jewelry…the possibilities are endless.

Skinny jeans…let me finish that for you- ‘are too skinny’. I feel ya.  I chose skinny jeans because of the flowy nature of the top, but you can always change the ‘flowy’ for the ‘tight’.  If you’re wearing wide-leg pants, you could pair it with a more form fitting top and a loose but belted cardigan.  Just remember-too much flowy and you’ll blow away with the wind!


3. “Polka dots”

Another appearance by polka dots!  And again, I’m not a fan of the head-to-toe dalmation vibe, preferring instead to play with accents like headbands or bags.  I’ll try to keep this set as different from the one in Elle as possible.

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011-Polka Dots

The “I Do” dress from modcloth is a close second on my want-list only to the robot necklace from Rue21 that I incorporated into my previous Elle look breakdown.  It’s just so…..pretty! 🙂 I couldn’t decide on how I wanted to use polka dots in another look so I put together two.  The first with the shades of coral, orange, and yellow and white-the second with a yellow burnout skirt and bright blue halter top.  Both adorable, both spotted!

I paired the white espadrilles with the dress because I didn’t want a coral overload.  Instead, all white with coral accents gives the look a clean and fresh feel.  Blue converse and an heeled espadrille are paired with the skirt and top so that for any occassion the outfit can still suit the environment and your commute needs.

Jewelry is all circles (surprise, surprise) with empty hoop frames to simplistically compliment the skirt and top and longer more extravagant rows of circles to go with the dress.  The cuff in the middle fit both outfits I thought.

Oh and the bird was just cute. I’m not suggesting you buy a red and white polka dotted bird hook to complete this look.  You could though if you want just because it’s too darn adorable. 🙂


Pants instead…for windy days or colder days or days you just haven’t shaved your legs, you can pair the top with shorts or jeans.  You could pair leggings with the dress (or skirt for that matter) or just wear high lace up or slouchy boots.

 It’s raining…ah yes the old getting-stuck-while-wearing-white-in-the-rain debaucle.  My suggestion-check the forecast if you’re planning on wearing a similar white dress.  If you’re in for rain, choose a different color, adjust your plans to keep indoors, and/or bring a duster and umbrella to keep yourself as dry as possible.


4. “Rust-Colored Coats”

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011-Rust Colored Jackets

The jacket I chose is mostly orange, but off enough to qualify as ‘rust’ and falls in a very attractive way.  I wanted to swerve around hunting jackets and stay more runway.  I paired it with a loose beige skirt to avoid any color combinations that would otherwise be found on sports team jerseys.

The top is composed of layering a white cami with a slightly cropped cowl neck in a gold-off-white. This should both compliment the jacket’s shape and your body’s shape all while keeping colors playing nicely together.

Boots well suit this look and, like I always say, your shoes should reflect where you plan on walking that day.  I really like the boots on the left, but not for hard-core window shopping with the girls.

Jewelry was really fun for this. 🙂 The owl pendant is on a long chain so it will be below or in the middle of the cowl instead of awkwardly resting at the top of it.  Owls are becoming very trendy as of late, but avoid going whole-hog. An owl necklace with owl earrings with owl bracelet with owl patterned shirt…will just make you look like you lost a bet.

Neutral flower earrings combined with gold and bead bangles and a very chic winged ring will have you all set to take the streets by storm!


Too much ruffle…If the cowl neck combined with the loosely flowing edge of the jacket doesn’t work with your body type, change the top combo here out for a classic white tanktop.  Us curvy girls have to watch out for too much cowl or ruffle over the bust so that we can flaunt what we have and not feel too top-heavy.

Too hot for boots…Cage sandals work just as well as boots because of their full-foot coverage which is a part of this look.  Still too much?  Try t-strap sandals to cast the illusion of enveloping the foot.


5. “Camo-Inspired”

Why can’t we just let the armed forces keep their camo? I’m sure they’re very proud of it and…and…..Okay, I’ll just give this a go.  Don’t knock it til you try it, right?

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011-Camo-Inspired
Wow, I’m really digging the army-chic look!

Studded combat boots are comfortable and ‘in-your-face’ while still classy and chic.  Or if you really want to dress it up, lace up stiletto boots.

Cargo-style shorts belted with a rose chain belt. The chain adds some classy ‘rough around the edges’, while the shorts bare skin while still incorporating the large cargo pockets and camo pattern.

A gray tank top is simple and paired with a canvas vest is classic but easy.

I threw in the silly bands for any teenagers or teens-at-heart.  They’re incredibly trendy right now and with so many colors and shapes, you’ll never catch someone else wearing them quite the same way!



6. “Maxiskirts and Cozy Sweaters”

This look is very a ‘blustery-day’ sort of fall.  It’s been extremely hot here, but once it cools down I’ll probably have to try this one out for myself. 🙂

Glamour Fashion Fall 2011- Maxiskirts and Cozy Sweaters

First off, yes the sweater I found DOES look like a t-shirt.  It’s not. 🙂  A belt will help you keep your figure while wearing flowy-ness. I paired a dark blue with a light blue…because I was at a bit of a creative low.  And I wasn’t having much luck with Polyvore.  But, excuses aside, I still like how this looks.

Slouchy boots look cozy and the gray is nice and neutral for whatever color scheme you want.  If you’re worried about the tripping-hazard a maxi-skirt can bring (don’t worry about it, I’m right there with you) then try for one that falls right below your knees.  In that case try pairing it with boots that come up to your knees.

A layered necklace will help break up the neckline a bit.  That with variety bangles, a super trendy ring,  and coordinating studs will prevent a jewelry overload. 🙂


Too flowy…try a more form-fitting sweater.  You can’t do too much with the skirt because the look is ‘Maxi-skirts’ and if they’re not flowy, then walking becomes a serious problem.  But if you’re feeling like a parachute, play with the sweater-try sleeveless or skin-tight to balance it out.

 Too warm/cold…if it’s too warm, try a sleeveless sweater or a knee-length skirt with knee boots.  If it’s too warm, try fuzzy boots instead of slouchy ones or layer a tight long-sleeve underneath the sweater.


7. “The Slit-Up-To-There Skirt”

This has SO much potential to go wrong.  Let’s try to convince it to go right?

Glamour Fashion-Fall 2011 "The Slit-Up-To-There Skirt"
Okay so I couldn’t find ANYTHING that was what I consider to be deemed ‘most wearable’. So here’s my advice to you:

If you’re dressing up, try a dress like the one at the right.  There’s a slit in it, and since it’s formal-you’ll be extra conscientious of what your clothes are doing which should keep the slit from becoming a problem.

If you’re NOT dressing up-here’s my suggestion.  Wear super flowy pants-they’re easy to walk in and you don’t have to worry about unwanted skin-showing!  Pair with high boots and a loose top that hugs your waist.  If the top you want to wear doesn’t have a smocked waist, ust use a belt-it’ll work the same way. 🙂

Shoes and jewelry: I picked cut-out heels from Victoria’s Secret for the formal look because they’re starting to pop up everywhere.  And they’re just really cool. 🙂 The earrings shown here are fake gauges made of wood!  I know, right?? They’re getting bigger in the fashion world because of their intricacies and their versatility in design.  Then a long chain necklace to break up the high neckline.


I have a skirt…treat the skirt the same as you would the flowy pants.  Pair it with a top that will accentuate your curves but is still loose.

Need formal, but still too risque… Try a sexy dress with a slit up the SIDE instead of the front.  You won’t have to worry about pulling a Lindsay Lohan and can still show some skin–safely–.


8. “A Touch of Lace”

Alrighty, so lace.  Yes, it’s sexy, and has a seriously vintage vibe to it.  But can we successfully incorporate a sexy vintage element into an everyday look for the streets and workplaces? Challenge accepted-let’s see what we can do. 🙂

Glamour Fashion's Most Wearable Trends-A Touch of LaceMan, this really makes me want to go out and get some lace! I paired a natural toned lace top with a flaired shape with some grunge-style skinny jeans.  The contrast keeps the look from getting too stuffy-old-school.

As usual, I have two different types of shoes: black leather converse and lace heels.  Heels for a dressier, more formal occasions-and converse for a more laid-back event or for something with more walking involved because miles in heels just aren’t practical or comfortable.

Then for the jewelry, I paired gemstones on long simple layered chains with feather earrings matching the shade of shirt.  The bracelet I chose is a cuff-style wire framing to combine grunge and mimic the intricacies of lace.  All in all, a successful outfit I would say. 🙂


Grunge isn’t my thing…so instead try for a sleek modern look: instead of a random wash, try a dark skinny jean-think modelesque and you’ll get it.  And change the leather converse out for traditional converse or other easy-on-the-feet kind of shoe.

I can’t pull off lace…yes you can.  I thought I couldn’t pull of lace what with my ox-shoulders and not very feminine frame.  But, by browsing on polyvore to come up with this set, I’m now a believer. 🙂 Just start small, and work up to wherever suits you best. Good luck!


9. “Choker Necklaces”

This is a very small piece with very high impact.  This is probably one of the more what I would consider ‘wearable’ trends.  And it’s incredibly versatile in that it can be modified to accomodate for high-fashion and street-fashion.

Glamour Fashion Most Wearable Fall Trends-Choker Necklaces

I like this one. 🙂 What do you all think?  The choker has delicate hearts hanging from it, creating a frame on your neck.  I incorporated the silver from the necklace into the entire outfit.  The bracelet has a similar heart charm to tie into the choker.

For shoes, I chose between either metallic heels and old silver sneakers.  Both can match into the ensemble while changing the look completely.

The skirt and tank top pairing is something I use a lot-in this case a green skirt with a silver belting hemmed in paired with a light gray tank keep the tones light but edgy at the same time.


Green isn’t my color…well personally, I think everyone can wear all colors, (not neccessarily at the same time, but still) but if you’re really not comfortable with green, any color would work!  The entire outfit is balanced around silver which goes with just about everything.  But to stay with the fall scheme, try a deep purple, or dusty blue-nothing super bright-save that for the summer.

Not into silver…that’s okay.  I based this outfit entirely around the choker I find, so if you find a gold one, or a black one, or whatever-just work from there.


10. “Granny Plaids”

Wait…what?? Hmm…I don’t really like the sound of this supposedly “wearable trend” but I’ll give it a go I suppose…

Glamour Fashion's Most Wearable Fall Trends-"Granny Plaids"
HA-success! Granny plaids have been converted to plaids for all ages. I found this shirt on polyvore and worked around it to make sure that I actually incorporated the plaid trend.  I stuck to the maroonish-red in the shirt so that i wouldn’t get too christmasy or anything.  The plaid in the shirt is disconnected so it has more of a modern abstract feel to it. Then the dark gray jeans kept attention to the color in the shirt.

The shoes I chose are either combat lace-up shoes that match the gray in the shirt or heels that are a dusty gray with platforms.

For jewelry I stuck to black for the rings and necklace, and maroon with gold for the bracelet and earrings. All of the colors tie back into the shirt. Voila!


Too dark…yes, the color scheme is dark-but the shirt I used just happened to be dark too.  If you find a lighter shirt, by all means you can use a different color scheme.  Just shy away from the bright, bright colors til another season.

Plaid? Really? …yea well, I didn’t really think the plaid thing would work-but it turned out that it did. So it all just depends I suppose.  Just try to work through the plaid-block, and maybe you’ll find something that’ll work for you.


11. “The Working-Girl Dress”

Holy throwback batman-but hey, if ‘granny plaids’ can be turned into something for everyday wear, I’m sure we can improvise.

Glamour Fashions Most Wearable Fall Trends-The Working-Girl Dress

Ooh I love these. 😀 They’re two entirely different outfits, but both have the basic elements of the ‘working-girl dress’-belted flowy dresses with big sleeves (or in the salmon one’s case, sleeve).

I chose boots for both of these, the fringe ones-I am seriously coveting right now-and I the black ones just go directly with the dress they’re paired with.

For the black one, the cupid’s necklace is cute and a dark enough gold so that it matches the ring and doesn’t obnoxiously shine in contrast with the black.  The salmon one I paired with light golds to brighten up the ensemble.


Yeesh, short! …If you find a dress longer, then you can use it-no problem! Or, if you can’t, then you can wear leggings or skinny jeans with it.

Too cold for boots? …Heels or sneakers can be swapped in for the boots if you need it dressier, more casual, or less warm.  Situations can easily change what elements of outfits are called for.


12. “Jade Green Dress”

Oh the possibilities. Jade green is such a versatile color that can be worn to just about any occasion-it’s a great color! Let’s see what we can come up with, eh?

Glamour Fashion's Most Wearable Fall Trends-Jade Green Dress

I couldn’t pick just one dress, so I didn’t!  I tried to find different shades of jade because the color has kind of a broad spectrum.  And I paired them with gold jewelry just because gold and jade green just…go. 🙂


Silver instead of gold? …sure!  I have always thought of gold as a warmer metal and silver as a cooler one, so as long as you’re not trying for a super cozy look, then silver would be just fine!  I personally would wear silver with a jade dress, but I always wear silver, so I probably don’t count.

Can’t find a jade dress …that’s okay-actually, on Glamour Fashion’s website, they suggested that if you can’t find a dress that a blouse and skirt would work just as well, which I completely agree with!  The trend though is a ‘working-girl dress’, so just try to stick to a flowy, belted dress-look. So a flowy sleeved blouse tucked into a belted skirt-piece of cake! Dangit now I want cake.

NOTE-I’m sorry this took so long everyone! I’m going to stop at the jade green dress because i have remarkably little faith in “Chunky Sweaters and Gauzy Skirts”. Sorry, that’s just too daunting. I’ll be working on more 2012 trends starting in about 5 minutes-but I figured I’d publish the 2011 trends anyways. Some of these I’ll be wearing myself! 🙂

Thanks so much for all the views, likes, and comments! I really appreciate the feedback. Happy Saturday!



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