Name: Felicity Greer             Nickname: Fell

Known For: Natural makeup/ No heels/ One-of-the-guys playful attitude

Self-Inspiration: Her military family        The Look: Tomboyish flirt

Closet Check-Fell

Take Note of the:


All of these outfits are very simple with minimal makeup and jewelry.  The top two sets of tops and bottoms could easily be switched for some variety. These are definitely no-nonsense configurations that have just enough feminine flair added to the tomboyish look.


The flair of the skater dress is flattering for almost any figure and the cinched sides of the batman muscle tee hugs your curves without stretching the fabric in unattractive ways. (I don’t care how skinny you are, too-tight anything just cannot be pulled off)  By incorporating these subtle additions, you’ll be one-of-the-guys who one of the guys might actually go out with. Happy hunting! 😉


Everything in the sets above has a balance whether it be between light and dark or tight or loose fit.  The very top has a tighter tank top to balance out the loosely fitting cargo pants.  Likewise, the short-shorts are paired with a t-shirt style neckline to avoid showing too much skin, and the skater dress is more fitted towards the top and flows more on the bottom. Fashion is a constant game of balancing this with that and that with the other-but it’s worth it because in the end, you have a complete look that isn’t too much of anything but fabulous.

Last Note:

Wouldn’t Missy just have a fit if she had to dress like Fell?? The relaxed simplicity that characterizes Fell is something we all need every once in a while.  She always dresses with efficiency in mind-she doesn’t want to have to worry about her loose clothes or bulky jewelry when she’s off causing trouble or on daring adventures.  Sometimes I force myself to channel my inner-Fell.  For example,when I go volunteer, I’m lifting and moving and sorting and all other kinds of busy activities-so I have to remind myself that a low-cut shirt or strappy shoes just aren’t going to work.  Sneakers and a graphic t-shirt usually do the trick, and then of course I can get in my daily dose of flair with unobtrusive but cute earrings and a necklace on a short chain.

That’s two members of the group down…I wonder what kind of character will be next! Well I’m calling it a night, it’s 11:30 and I’m being woken up at 3ish I believe so I’d better sleep fast. Goodnight world, goodnight moon, and goodnight all you beautiful people. 🙂


P.S. Anyone have any character suggestions? Maybe your inner fashion-muse will make a good addition to the crowd or you know a friend that has made a significant impression on you that you’d like to share, whatever the case-comments are welcome!


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