Name: Christian Lowe            Nickname: Chrissy

Known For: Girly/Light/ Whimsical/ Unobtrusively-making-a-statement attitude

Self-Inspiration: Surrealism            The Look: Playful Imagination

Closet Check-Chrissy

Take Note of the:


The only black in these sets are those of the makeup containers, favoring instead easygoing complimentary colors. Additionally, the only bold colors are in the top set to be worn in a club or something similar surrounded by bolder and brighter colors. The idea is to be a more subtle but still a commanding version of everyone surrounding.


All of these sets are very flowy and allow for movement-there’s a definite whimsicality to everything incorporated into each outfit. Each set has a streak of colorful imagination that lends a childish wonder to the look.

-Passive Boldness-

Each of these looks make a definite statement without being in anyone’s face about it. It guarantees to grab everyone’s attention in the most subtle fashion-the unexpected imagination that changes from day to day is captivating and commands the room with a gentle hand.

Last Note:

I had a lot of fun creating Chrissy’s character, we all need to embrace our inner child every once in a while and I’ve always aspired to the whimsical without success thus far. But, I will keep trying in the real world, and until I find a way I’ll channel my imaginative-muse into Christian Lowe.


P.S. Whatever you’re doing right now, stop-close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel better? Good. Carry on. 🙂


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