Hey everyone!

I was thinking earlier today how I’m giving everyone advice on what they should wear and why and how to put together looks…but I haven’t actually introduced myself!  I’ll refrain from any personal information because of the few weirdies out there that ruin the internet for the rest of us 😛 but seeing my face can’t hurt, right?

And so, without further ado, I have a breakdown of a makeup look that I use almost every day.

Hopefully I’ll be able to give you all some more looks like Club, OutOnTheTown, SummerDay, WinterDay…you get my drift. This one I’ll call Normal because…well, it’s normal, it isn’t for any special occasion or time or place. You all know what normal means, I’ll stop boring you.


Yaay for normal! Sometimes, you need a break from being the all-things-supremely-fabulous-guru. I mean, let’s be honest, it can be exhausting.

For this look, I used:

-an eyelash curler*

-black mascara*

-black eyeliner*

-Revlon lipstick #613 “Just Enough Buff”

-CoverGirl eye enhancer in “Brown Smolder”

-CoverGirl eye enhancer in “Golden Sunrise”

TADA! Yep, this is me-hello! 🙂 Want to learn how? Read on fellow makeup artist!


Step 1: Line your waterline on the bottom lid and the inner part of your top lid with black eyeliner. I always do this first so that I can clearly see the ACTUAL shape of my eye. It’s weird how different your eye looks with a line drawn around it.

Step 2: Take the copper shadow, I used “Golden Sunrise” by CoverGirl, and pat the applicator a few times on the inner corner of your eye (in the picture, it’s to the right) then cover your lid with the same shade.

Step 3: Take the dark brown shadow, I used “Brown Smolder” by CoverGirl, and cover the left half of your lid with it. If it looks like clown makeup, you probably did it right. Then, take a tissue and blend it, pushing from the outside in.

Step 4 (optional): I like to have a more drastic gradient but I like having my eyes really dark because it compliments my skin tone, eye color, and usually whatever I happen to be wearing. The blending usually makes the dark brown, well, not dark anymore. So I repeated Step 3 about 3 or 4 more times, adding more and more shadow, blending in between each layer. Word to the wise; if you do this, start your first layer covering the outer 3/4 or 1/2, and each layer you add on top of that, move further and further outward. For instance, My first layer was at 1/2, my second layer was the outer 1/3, etc. Guesstimate, the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be with where your levels need to be.

Step 5: Add more liner if you covered your original line with shadow or if you want a more defined line. I usually line both sides of the top and bottom lashes, trying to get as much in between the lashes too for a complete line.

Step 6: Mascara-you know what to do haha.

Step 7: If you want, take the copper shadow out again and add a small (very small!) highlighting line beneath your lower lid liner line. Sheesh that was a lot of L’s. Go alliteration!

Step 8 (optional): I usually add a second coat of mascara to make sure that they’re fully covered and dark. I have naturally really really light lashes, so it looks extremely strange if I half-ass the mascara.


Step 1 (optional): Apply some neutral lipstick, I used Revlon’s “Just Enough Buff”. This color is basically the EXACT same color of my lips naturally, but my lips were chapped when I started and lipstick smooths right over it. It’s like magic! 😀 I have to say, my lips look fantastic and definitely NOT chapped in the above picture. Plus, it adds a shimmer that’s subtle, but still does wonders for you.

Side Note:

Wherever I’ve put a (*), that means that I didn’t bother to put the brand of whatever makeup I used. Each mascara and liner and whatever other products there are out there may work for one person and not as well for another. I can tell you what works best for me, but it may not be the best option for you-make sense? 🙂

And wherever I’ve been brand specific, it’s so that you can identify the shade I’m talking about-if you have the same gold eyeshadow but it’s not CoverGirl you won’t be struck by lightning for ‘doing the look wrong’. There is no wrong-just go with it sisters! All of this should be fun, not a chore.

In Conclusion:

Voila! Simple, yes. But don’t we deserve a break every now and then? (The answer’s yes by the way…)

I got a great idea while I was writing some of the eye steps-I’m sure you all know of or at least have heard of character makeup? Like, makeup inspired by fictional characters? Weellllllll……..I have a confession. I am a HUGE comic book nerd (especially since a lot of those comic book heroes have been played by actors like Chris Evans, mmm.) and maybe tomorrow I’ll get the energy/inspiration to put together some heroic makeup sets!

Do any of you have any other ideas?  Some of the ones I’ve come up with include Comic Book Characters, Pokemon, MLP….if you have an idea you want me to try, leave it in the comment and I’ll get to it first thing!

Thank you all, and goodnight. ❤



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