I am Amazed…

…by Clinton and Stacy from TLC’s What Not To Wear.
I’ve just started watching season 9, and each new episode showcases some poor soul who I’m sure they can’t save… And yet they do. Seriously, I am in awe of the before vs. after look/attitude and how well they can guide these women with a reassuring but firm hand.

So I know I’m incredibly late for the bandwagon, but every episode of this show is reminding me why I love fashion so much.
-Going shopping is exhausting but remarkably empowering
-Trying on clothes I’m on the fence about has broken me out of my comfort zone in my style AND every other aspect of my life
-Change. Is. Good. A haircut, the right makeup… Openness to change is infectious, people.
-Confidence can make or break you.

Thoughts to wrap up:
1. If you haven’t watched the show, do it. My favorite is Noel from season 9 🙂
2. I’m a complete fashion-nerd (if you haven’t noticed) and I really came out of my shell because of this little passion/hobby of mine. I hope all of you have some sort of equivalent in your life ❤
3. This week I'll be both working hard on a What Not To Wear inspired collection, and turning 20! Yaay!

A late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all- welcome to 2014!


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