Met Gala 2014: 21-24

This is the slideshow I worked from:

21. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

I really wish that I could like this- because, on the whole, I adore Versace- but this is a disaster. The gradation of sequins is pure genius, and the roe gold with this shade of green is pretty alright- but crinoline is a very unforgiving fabric and this is a classic case in point. Sorry Versace, but it’s too much. NAY.

22. Nicole Richie(Donna Karan Atelier)

Nicole Richie

Is that…suede? Patching together sheer?? That’s…that’s all I can say about this one. It’s a resounding NAY for me.

23. Jourdan Dunn & Toni Garrn

Jourdan Dunn, Toni Garrn

These two women look absolutely stunning. The colors are straight out of the Disney princesses catologue, but the cuts modernize and sophisticate both the dresses and the women. Stunning, absolutely stunning. YAY!!!

24. Emma Stone(dress by Thakoon, shoes by Miu Miu) & Andrew Garfield(Band of Outsiders)

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

First of all, these two are made of adorable.
Andrew looks great with the white, gray, and black combination. The bowtie maybe wasn’t the best idea, because it makes him look younger(he’s 31…how does that even work?), but it works for me. YAY!
Emma’s dress is the one midriff I can get behind- the color block is stunning and matches her skin tone, the structured top and the wrapping of the skirt gorgeously complement each other, and the silver shoes perfectly pulls the whole thing together. YAY!!!


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