Met Gala 2014: 5-8

I worked from this slideshow:

5. Anna Wintour(Chanel):
Anna Wintour

Okay so there’s such a thing as GOOD texture in clothing design, and there’s also such a thing as BAD texture… this is the latter, in my opinion. I’m not terribly well-versed in fabrics, but this particular sheer material was most definitely not made for skin as pale is Ms. Wintour’s and has effectively grayed out her gorgeous neck and shoulders as well as the neckline of the dress. Not really a fan of the hemline, either. NAY.

6. Ashley Olsen(Ferre) & Mary-Kate Olsen(Chanel)
Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen

First of all, am I the only one who thinks that the Olsen twins have gradually been morphing into Tim Burton characters??
Ashley’s dress is a bold move because it’s so dark and she’s so pale, but I think it’s more striking than drastic. So it’s a YAY!
But Mary-Kate looks like she’s in A Nightmare Before Christmas. The pinstripes at all different angles paired with the angular collars, partially sheer sleeves, and the sheer amount of fabric… it’s a NAY from me.

7. Rihanna(Stella McCartney):

This is a backless dress (just search Rihanna Met Gala 14 if you want to see it) and so the lack of a bra is understandable… mostly- it is white material after all. I was surprised that I liked the collared neckline on her, but not surprised that I disliked the entire middle section including the long sleeves. And I like her hair in theory, but not in practice. NAY.

8. Anna Hathaway(Calvin Klein):
Anne Hathaway

Very bold and also very… geometric. Anne has a stunning figure, and so straight lines don’t make a whole lot of sense to me- it almost looks like the dress was tacked on paper-doll-style. (And I know that crop tops are a commercial trend right now, but I wish that exposed midsections would stay far, far away from high couture gowns. Wishful thinking, I suppose.) NAY.


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