Met Gala 2014: 9-12

This is the slideshow I worked from:

9. Gisele Bundchen(Balenciaga) & Tom Brady:
Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady

The cut of Brady’s suit shows off his athletic build, and classic black is eternally flattering. And then Giselle looks absolutely effortless, as usual- but the dress… I love everything except the majority of it: the inlaid sheer. The beautiful swirling pattern was ruined for me by the fact that you can (or at least it LOOKS like you can) see straight through it. I’m sorry, dearest Giselle, but I can’t do it. NAY.

10. Jessica Lange(Marc Jacobs) & Marc Jacobs
Jessica Lange, Marc Jacobs

Marc looks exceptionally dapper (and his obvious affection for Jessica doesn’t hurt!) and, unlike Kanye, coattails looks perfectly natural on him. And then the dress of his that Jessica’s wearing- At first, I wasn’t a fan (because of the material and the way it caught the camera flash, I think), but then I started looking at why I felt that way and it turns out… I actually kind of love it. The placement of the detailing is brilliantly accentuating her figure and breaking up the black without being too busy. On paper, I don’t love it- but in practice, it works beautifully. Props. YAY!

11. Kristen Stewart(Chanel Haute Couture)
Kristen Stewart

Okay so there are parts of this that I love, and parts that I don’t. I absolutely adore the mixed media and how brilliantly they were juxtaposed so that they transition seamlessly- it’s pure genius… except for the sheer bottom of the dress because it STOPS ABOVE THE ANKLE?? Whyyyyyyyyy. If this dress was just a foot longer, it would be one of my favorite ones at the Gala… but it’s, unfortunately, a deal breaker for me. NAY.

12. Sarah Jessica Parker(Oscar de la Renta)
Sarah Jessica Parker

I actually love how daring this whole ensemble is. The gloves may have been just a tad bit too much, but the lines of this dress are absolutely stunning and showcases SJP’s beauty, as it should. YAY!


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