Browsing: Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015

I’m working from this slideshow and, just like last time, these are my favorite looks.

Look 1/26:

I love everything about this. The over-the-knee boots are gorgeous and bring out the maroon of the dress and the black belt cinching the tastefully patterned coat which in turn is accented by the bright blue bag. Perfectly balanced.

Look 2/26:

This has a playful hippie vibe, with colorful patterns, a sheer overlay, and a medallion pendant on a long chain all work together wonderfully- I love the shape of this dress and how it’s belted to flatter most, if not all, body types.

Look 7/26:

I’m loving the bright colors and bold floral patterns in this collection! The necklace is a subtle texture for the neckline, the sash is the belt’s more informal cousin to loosen up the look, and the 3/4 sleeves keep the outline simple which keeps the look from being too busy and lets the gorgeous pattern shine.

Look 8/26:

It’s hard to make a floor-length dress seem casual, but as a sleeveless halter-top, this look retains sophistication while giving off an easy, bohemian vibe.

Look 15/26:

This has got to be my favorite look of this collection- the metallic accents of the rich burgundy of the jacket fits perfectly with its shape, silhouette, and the boots that I know have complimentary colors. Stunning all around.

Look 23/26:

This dress actually has a counterpart, but it didn’t carry itself as well as this color scheme which is why I’ve only included this one. This look has the same aztec/art deco feel to it, and the fading concentration of the pattern from the hemlines moving up make the bottom of the dress and sleeves seem heavier which, in turn, makes helps elongate her figure.

Look 24/26:

Woah! Talk about a shot out of left field- this very formal addition to this collection is both unexpected and welcome as an elegant evening gown in a startling cobalt blue. the illusion hem and the slit up the side brings intrigue (and movement- all you ladies out there can appreciate the luxury of taking long strides in formal wear), the diagonal lines of the wrapped texture elongate the torso and are flattering to the waistline, the belt accentuates the waist as having the smallest diameter of the torso, and the grecian-twist neckline keeps shoulders from seeming too wide and actually elongates the neck (who knew?)

Look 26/26:

As the last (but most certainly, not the least) look of this collection, I’m in love with the metallic/solid black contrast. The grecian neckline and emphasized geometric shapes are busy (but not too busy) and the floor-length skirt is simplicity done right. I can see someone wearing this on a nicer day in winter, maybe with a jacket to fend off a cold breeze. And the defining lines (neck and waist) work together in a way that this model looks like she’s standing on stilts- beautifully done.

Well, that wraps up the Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015 collection. 8 of 26 made the cut for a 30.77% approval rating from me. Until I found this collection, I hadn’t heard of Matthew Williamson- I know I’ll be keeping an eye on him to see what he does next.

Two text posts in a night?! Sorry, I know it’s a lot, but I’ve been watching Star Trek for 2 and a half hours so… I’ll finally be going to bed.
Goodnight all you lovely people, looking forward to adding more posts!
Sincerely, Me


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