The Oscars 2015: Looks 6-10

These pictures are from this slideshow on

6. Keira Knightley (Valentino)
This dress is as gorgeous as Keira herself- the color is a flattering nude, and the detailing is well in fitting with looks like these (1, 2) from Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection. The gentle sweeping of the chiffon paired with the empire waistline allow for and flatter her baby bump. And the headband, somehow, pulls it all together- it’s a definite YAY from me.

7. Jessica Chastain (Givenchy)
Shoulders, anyone? I’m sure that the layered top of the dress looked great on paper, but on Jessica, it makes her shoulders look much wider than her hips giving her an unsettling, top-heavy feel. Color of the dress: gorgeous. Silhouette from the waist down: gorgeous. But because of the top of this dress, it’s going to have to be a NAY from me.

8. Scarlett Johansson (Atelier Versace)
The color of this dress is about all this look has going for it. The necklace is WAY too much, and the green is a bit warmer than the cool shade of the dress. I’m not sure what this fabric is, but the paneling of it here is very unflattering- the seams between panels of the same color draw lines that shouldn’t necessarily be there, and her hip looks very angular. Maybe it’s Scarlett, maybe it’s the dress, but I’m going to say that it’s the dress because I’m pretty sure human hips don’t look like that. Am I an expert on human-hip-angle-identification? No. But this look just isn’t working for me, it’s a NAY.

9. Jennifer Hudson (Romona Keveza)
First thought seeing this dress? Jennifer Hudson is drop dead gorgeous. Second thought having scrolled down to see the bottom of the dress? A tube of chapstick. From the neckline down to her hips, I love it- the asymmetry is flattering, the belt emphasizes the smallest part of her torso…and then from her hips down the dress just tapers into what must be an impossible walking situation. It’s a NAY from me.

10. Jennifer Lopez (Elie Saab Haute Couture)
The deep v-neck is a very unfortunate trademark of red carpet J-Lo, and this neckline in particular bothers me because it ends about an inch before the belt- if you’re going to have a deep v, just go all the way to the belt, you’ve past the point of no return. And while the detailing of this dress is stunning, the shade is NOT good for her. If you cover the screen so that only the straps on her shoulders show, you can barely tell that she’s wearing a dress at all- an easy check if you’re unsure when it comes to nude colors/complexion quandaries. The waist down works for me, but the dress as a whole? It’s a NAY.


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