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I'm a trainwreck of a person with an eye for beauty and a passion for words. I'm the kind of person who stares fear in the face and childishly sticks out my tongue to show her that she's a bitch, and I refuse to let her control my life anymore. I'm the kind of person who has been told to give up and instead of doing so, I've surprised, survived, and thrived. I'm see beauty in everything and I want to share my wonder at the world with everyone I meet in the only way I know how-I just hope it translates.

September 2016- Varsity

September 2016- Varsity

WithChic destroyed skinny jeans
$41 –

Converse canvas shoes
$30 –

Silver pendant necklace
$100 –

Kat Von D lipstick
$21 –

People I Know- Sandie

People I Know- Sandie

Lela Rose blue dress
$3,920 –

City Chic jeweled belt

Jimmy choo perfume

Nail polish

K- Key (Raise A Glass to TWENTY ONE)

K- Key (Raise A Glass to TWENTY ONE)

T shirt

Anine Bing moto jacket

David Lerner faux leather pants
$180 –

Isabel Marant bracelet

Pave earrings

Choker necklace

OPI nail polish
$17 –

K- Key (TWENTY-Something)

K- Key (TWENTY-Something)

Button up shirt

Paige Denim shorts
$175 –

Vans canvas shoes

Dollydagger heart earrings
$11 –

Vintage sunglasses
$180 –

Nail treatment
$4.40 –

K- Key (NINETEEN, Already?)

K- Key (NINETEEN, Already?)

Fitted dress
$445 –

Rose gold jewelry

Oasis long necklace
$15 –

Elizabeth Arden lipstick


Jimmy Choo fragrance

Essie nail polish
$12 –

K- Key (EIGHTEEN and Up)

K- Key (EIGHTEEN and Up)

Long sleeve top

Black shoes
$41 –

Gucci ring

Michael Kors statement necklace
$120 –


Perfume fragrance
$80 –

K- Key (Barely SEVENTEEN)

K- Key (Barely SEVENTEEN)

Fringe coat

Maison Kitsuné button-fly jeans
$83 –

Karl Lagerfeld flat shoes
$355 –

Cat jewelry
$43 –

Versace yellow gold earrings
$305 –

Oasis pendant jewelry
$25 –

Pencil eyeliner

Bobbi brown cosmetic
$18 –