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Met Gala 2014: 41-44

41. Kate Bosworth(Stella McCartney)

Kate Bosworth

Kate is beautiful, and the color of this dress is very flattering. But she’s SO skinny that this fabric may not have been the best choice. While I’m not sure what this fabric is, it’s obviously very unforgiving- her hipbones are drastically jutting out and the cutout top doesn’t fit her very well. NAY.

42. Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour

The shape of this dress and how it hovers around her feet suggests quite a bit of crinoline, which would be fine, except how the hemline makes her skirt look like a bubble. Paired with the vibrant pink and the ruffles(ruffles, really?) it looks like a dress someone might have a doll wear, not something that should be on the red carpet. NAY.

43. Rachel McAdams(Ralph Lauren)

Rachel McAdams

The shape of this dress is simple, and while the top is fitted a bit poorly, but the simplicity is actually quite genius considering how complicated fashion design is becoming. On a different note, this color keeps popping up- I’m not sure why, but it’s too light a variant of lavender to keep from graying out just about every complexion… Rachel included. NAY.

44. Rashida Jones(Tory Burch)

Rashida Jones

Not sure what’s going on with the top of this dress, I think it may just be a bit/lot too tight across the shoulders…? The skirt looks like it has quite a bit of excess fabric, but I’m going to pretend that it’s some sort of train that has been swept around and underneath her because I really like this dress- all of the asymmetry is very flattering, and quite plainly… I think the fabric is pretty 🙂 YAY!


Met Gala 2014: 37-40

Here‘s the slideshow I used:

37. Shailene Woodley(Rodarte)

Shailene Woodley

Okay, um… not sure what’s going on with the top of this dress, but it’s remarkably unflattering. I love the colors, but there’s too much sheer (especially the long sleeves…) and I can’t get past the shape of the dress and how poorly it showcases Shailene’s gorgeous figure. Sorry, NAY.

38. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard(Giambattista Valli)

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

Oh Johnny, why? I understand eccentric, you’ve always been able to pull it off… except on the red carpet. The shoes, the glasses, the hair?? Gah, I love you, but it’s a NAY from me.
And Amber, darling, you’re absolutely stunning but that isn’t even close to being the best color for you. It’s too pale, and doesn’t go well with the red lipstick. NAY.
But you two ARE adorable. 🙂

39. Florence Welch(Valentino)

Florence Welch

The minimal makeup is refreshing and suits her very well, and even she can even pull off a purplish-gray…but the top of this dress is just too much, and the neckline is severely low, AND, on closer inspection, is not only a butterfly print, but there are 3-dimensional butterflies forming what I presume is a collar…? Nope. I can’t… yeah, nope. NAY.

40. Zoe Saldana(Michael Kors)

Photo 40 from Zoe Saldana

The top of this dress is absolutely stunning- simple, flattering cut, and  simple black so that it doesn’t detract from the gorgeous Zoe. HOWEVER, the bottom is disastrous. I could probably excuse the pattern if the skirt was just about any other shape but…this. I’m not even sure what this would be called, but it ruins the entire thing for me. Sorry Michael and Zoe, NAY.


Is it just me, or do a lot of these dresses have appealing tops or bottoms but never both? -.-

Met Gala 2014: 33-36

Here’s the slideshow I’ve been using:

33. Chloe Sevigny(Kenzo)

Chloe Sevigny

Yes, this is a DRESS, not just a top and slacks as it originally appears. The slit up the middle of the dress is odd, and the waist up is a convoluted mixture of yellow, black, and white seemingly tied together with thin black straps. Why. Just why. NAY.

34. Jessica Parcé(Michael Kors)

Jessica Paré

Look at that smile!!! The black and white pattern is busy, but since there are no other detail colors, I think it works. The black lines of the bustier top are a little strange, but not so much that they detract from the dress. YAY!

35. Kristen Wiig(Balenciaga) & Alexander Wang

Kristen Wiig, Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is dapper as always. But Kristen…oh honey, why? The top of the dress had so much going for it, and then… the hoop happened. I believe that the inside of the hoop is lined with a sparkly fabric, which redeems the excess of black, but really? It’s a HOOP.

36. Bradley Cooper(Tom Ford)

Bradley Cooper

I’ve never been a fan of the beard on Bradley, but he is and will always be the epitome of the “adorahot” phenomenon. YAY!

Met Gala 2014: 29-32

I got these from this slideshow:

29. Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons

Well this is… unfortunate. The draping of the fabric in the deep v neckline combined with the jacket and wide legged pants is all way too much fabric. Any one of these separately would go well with some sort of formfitting other half. And the tassels. Just… tassels. NAY.

30. Marion Cotillard(Dior)

Marion Cotillard

So I looked at this for about 10 minutes before I realized why this bothered me so much: The mesh/faux-see-through core piece is a different pattern than the circle-cutout-skirt overlay. Which, by the way, is strangely similar to a rubber mat I’ve lined trays with to dry out my shoes after it rains… but that’s not the point. The point is that this dress is both alarmingly busy and unnerving at first glance because you’re not sure why your eye can’t create a seamless transition between the two barely-different patterns. NAY.

31. Solange Knowles(3.1 Phillip Lim)Solange Knowles

Gah. Drop-waisted anything is not flattering by any means, and the flaired pickup hemline gives the impression that she got stuck in an upended flower. Can’t do it. NAY.

32. Joy Bryant(Marchesa)

Joy Bryant

This dress is stunning and somehow brings out Joy’s exotic features. The color matches her skin perfectly, and the asymmetry lengthens her body making her look insanely tall(She’s 5’9″ and looks 6′ at least!). The crochet/lace detailing adds to the lines of the dress, but makes it look almost like a more casual summer dress… but other than that, this dress radiates high class elegance for an equally elegant woman. YAY!

Met Gala 2014: 25-28

The slideshow I used is here:

25. Kate Upton(Dolce & Gabbana)

Kate Upton

This dress is a very dark choice for fair skin, but Kate pulls it off… the color, I mean. The textured horizontal lines make her look a bit like a lantern, and the corset almost looks tacky because it matches so poorly. The colors in the necklace and earrings are lovely, but not with black. And the fascinator makes the black even more dominating, which this outfit really didn’t need. NAY.

26. Cara Delevingne(Stella McCartney)

Cara Delevingne

I actually really REALLY love this outfit. The pants are very flattering on her, paired with a black structured top(and she is one of the few body types that can pull it off) is perfectly matched. Plus the color blocked heels and the long pendant necklace pulls it all together nicely. YAY!

27. Kirsten Dunst(Rodarte)

Kirsten Dunst

I am glad that Kirsten is embracing her not-so-inner nerd, but maybe the Met Gala wasn’t the best place to do it? Aside from the Death Star, the mix of fabrics is… strange. Can’t do it. NAY.

28. Lena Dunham(Giambattista Valli)

Lena Dunham

This strapless dress isn’t very flattering on her figure, but the flair and bold cut of the skirt is actually very striking. I really do like the detailing around the waist, and while I usually don’t like pointed toes on shoes, they somehow fit the dress and Lena’s personality. I REALLY would have preferred the dress not be strapless, but I think this outfit(just barely) gets a YAY.

Met Gala 2014: 21-24

This is the slideshow I worked from:

21. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

I really wish that I could like this- because, on the whole, I adore Versace- but this is a disaster. The gradation of sequins is pure genius, and the roe gold with this shade of green is pretty alright- but crinoline is a very unforgiving fabric and this is a classic case in point. Sorry Versace, but it’s too much. NAY.

22. Nicole Richie(Donna Karan Atelier)

Nicole Richie

Is that…suede? Patching together sheer?? That’s…that’s all I can say about this one. It’s a resounding NAY for me.

23. Jourdan Dunn & Toni Garrn

Jourdan Dunn, Toni Garrn

These two women look absolutely stunning. The colors are straight out of the Disney princesses catologue, but the cuts modernize and sophisticate both the dresses and the women. Stunning, absolutely stunning. YAY!!!

24. Emma Stone(dress by Thakoon, shoes by Miu Miu) & Andrew Garfield(Band of Outsiders)

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

First of all, these two are made of adorable.
Andrew looks great with the white, gray, and black combination. The bowtie maybe wasn’t the best idea, because it makes him look younger(he’s 31…how does that even work?), but it works for me. YAY!
Emma’s dress is the one midriff I can get behind- the color block is stunning and matches her skin tone, the structured top and the wrapping of the skirt gorgeously complement each other, and the silver shoes perfectly pulls the whole thing together. YAY!!!

Met Gala 2014: 17-20

I worked from this slideshow:

17. Katie Holmes(Marchesa)

Katie Holmes

I have a grudge against the color Mustard (because I’m a weirdo) but pairing it with crimson redeems how alarming the color is (kind of). However, Katie’s complexion does not do well with mustard…at all. If this dress were in a color that suited her better, I would probably give it more leeway- but as it is, I’m going to have to say NAY.

18. Michelle Williams(Louis Vuitton)

Michelle Williams

Michelle is gorgeously fair-skinned, and so I’m not a huge fan of the pristine white in the dress. I actually really like the pattern, the mix of colors is actually kind of genius, but the stripes of blue are too parallel for how structured the dress is. She can pull off the shape of this dress, which is much harder to do than people probably think, but the colors are throwing me off too much for the merits to outweigh the shortcomings. NAY.

19. Amy Adams(with Louboutin shoes…which you can’t see. Anyway, moving on)

Amy Adams

Gah, so many of these dresses are absolutely spectacular, but are ruined by the colors not matching the complexions of these beautiful people. I wish the barely-blue-silver was a bit more blue than it is, but the dress fits and complements her figure so well that I’m going to overlook the color. YAY!

Rita Ora

20. Rita Ora(Donna Karan Atelier)

WHYYYYY. The only part about this that I like is the color and the top of the dress from the waist up. That’s it. The crinoline doesn’t match up with any of this, and the wraparound fabric and shoe straps(and it even goes past the knee? Seriously??) is WAY too much. Personally, I think this dress is a complete trainwreck- so, no offense to the designer(kind of), it’s a drastic NAY.