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Matrix Marathon + Wine =

There should be an avant garde runway show modeled after The Matrix: sunglasses, lots of black, and angsty outfit names.
I know I’d go see it.


The Oscars 2015: Looks 11-15

I’m working from this slideshow:

11. Nicole Kidman (Louis Vuitton)
SO many sequins. The color is a little too yellow, and I would rather it had been a shade darker and more champagne-y to better suit her complexion, and I think the red band would go better. The straight across strapless neckline wouldn’t have been my first choice, but paired with the irregular hemline, there’s a bit of a visual disconnect. I really like the slit up the side, her shoes and OF COURSE the clutch- but I just don’t think this dress quite works, especially for Nicole. NAY.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow (Ralph & Russo Couture)
I really REALLY love this dress. The light pink makes Gwyneth positively GLOW, and her already gorgeous figure is nothing short of flattered by this silhouette. The rose detail obviously wouldn’t quite work in everyday life, but for the red carpet, it’s perfection. YAY!

13. Reese Witherspoon (dress by Tom Ford, jewelry from the Tiffany Blue Book Collection)
This dress is stunning, and Reese pulls off the striking black and white combination very well. The black band at the top sinks down enough around the shoulders that it doesn’t make her shoulders look too wide, and the band around the waist accentuates and emphasizes that it’s the smallest part of the torso. The flair of the mermaid silhouette nicely balances out the off-the-shoulder neckline, and the simplicity of the fabric keeps it from being overwhelming. Definitely a YAY from me.

14. Sophie Hunter (Lanvin) and Benedict Cumberbatch
Even beyond the fact that these two are the cutest couple ever, they looked wonderful on the red carpet. As I’ve said before, I’m hopeless when it comes to men’s fashion, and I can only know whether I like how it looks or not- in Benedict’s case, it’s a yes.
As for Sophie, the red and gold is stunning. The asymmetrical shift silhouette has the slit up the side and some detailing to keep it from being too simple, and it allows for the otherwise overwhelming accessorizing with the strappy heels, the drop earrings, the cuff bracelet, and the clutch. Perfectly put together, perfectly pulled off. YAY!

15. Viola Davis (dress by Zac Posen, jewelry by Van Cleef & Arpels)
This color is perfect for Viola’s complexion, and the champagne gold accessories accent the dress perfectly, especially pairing the bib necklace with off-the-shoulder (Fashion 101). The silhouette is beautiful (like before, the width of the hemline balances out the off-the-shoulder neckline) and while I wish there was a belt or pin or something defining/accenting the waist, it’s a YAY from me.

The Oscars 2015- Looks 1-5

I’m working from Vogue’s slideshow here.

1. Solange Knowles (Christian Siriano)
Oh honey… why. First of all, the red lip is a poor choice paired with all of the rest of the red. Second, there is a major fabric-situation going on: 1) There’s SO much of it. 2) Yes, red is a good color for Solange, just not this particular red-orange-shiny variety. 3) Even beyond the excess fabric, the cut is really not flattering at all- the shoulders are very obviously poorly fitted, bunching up at the round of the shoulder, and stretched too tightly across the chest as is evident by the stress through the seam separating sleeve from dress. The asymmetrical cut around the waist was at least kind of an attempt to shape this dress, but the waist isn’t defined at all, there are two small draped sections on either side of the dress, effectively widening her hips (and waist, since it isn’t separately defined) and… IS THAT A POCKET?! NAY.

2. Lady Gaga (Alaía)
As the master of all things odd, this dress is actually quite flattering as dresses go. The sleeves are… awkward, at best. (I mean seriously, can she even put her arms at her sides? Doubtful.) The neckline works well with how busy everything else is- the waistline is fitted well, with the skirt flaring at the natural waist, and the actual fabric of the skirt is gorgeous. It’s thickness lends to the beautiful lines and draping of the skirt, and the pattern makes it so that the white isn’t overpowering. The dress, despite the sleeves, is a YAY from me.
And let’s… not even talk about the gloves. Red rubber gloves? Okay Gaga, you do you.

3. Meryl Streep (Lanvin, jewelry by Fred Leighton)
This is elegant perfection. Long, black, well-fitting skirt slims and lengthens her legs; the white, appropriately deep v-neck is loose and just draped over the belt cinched at the natural waist, adding texture to the otherwise simple and clean dress. The very sharp peak-lapeled suit coat and her gorgeous stilettos are just icing. A definite YAY from me!

4. Emma Stone (Elie Saab Haute Couture, jewelry by Tiffany Blue Book Collection)
Okay… everything about this dress is cringeworthy. First of all, this is one of the last colors that the beautiful Emma should be wearing. It’s… chartreuse? I think? The only thing this dress has going for it is the silhouette, the neckline and long sleeves go nicely with the thigh-high slit and the trailing fabric. HOWEVER- upon closer inspection, not only is this dress a horrendous shade for her complexion, but it’s also sheer between the fabric pattern itself. And matching the color of your shoes with the color of your dress seems very… prom, to me. Sorry, love- it’s a NAY from me.

5. Jennifer Aniston (Atelier Versace)
I was surprised how well Jennifer pulled this nude tone off, or rather that her complexion pulled it off. It’s almost too light through the top, but the detailing and angles help emphasize that the fabric is NOT skin. So, letting the color slide, the fit of the dress probably makes it impossible to walk in (but that’s just me) and the top of the dress is tight. Way too tight. I’ve seen this a lot in everything from bridesmaid dresses to prom dresses, to anything else that warrants a strapless anything is bound to have a weird fit- it’s an awkward dance between tight enough so that everything stays where it’s supposed to but not so tight that either you can’t breathe or, in Jen’s case, it looks like your shoulders and back are too big for the dress (which, I’m positive, is not the case). Between the iffy color and the poor fit, it’s a NAY from me, but not by a lot.
And for future reference, a correctly fitting strapless dress is one where you can stand up straight and lift your arms over your head without passing out or the dress falling.


Notes from me:
Would you guys want me to make posts about proper fitting clothing/shoes/etc.?
I’d love feedback and/or any suggestions for posts from you guys- so if you want to see something, just comment and I’ll make it happen!


The Oscars 2015- Fashion Breakdown

Ah, the Oscars- arguably the biggest celebrity fashion event of the year.
It’s a night filled with talent, recognition, and, inevitably, some major fashion faux-pas.

I’ll be using Vogue’s slideshow found here, and I’ll be posting 5 looks at a time. I’ll run through a (I’ll try to keep it short) breakdown and a YAY or a NAY, accordingly.
Let’s dive in, shall we?

Browsing: Roksanda Pre-Fall 2015

This slideshow is another from Vogue, whose site I seem to be stuck on- I’ll try to diversify in the posts following this one. Just like before, I’ll be picking my favorites and then calculating a percentage of looks I liked to the total looks in the slideshow. Let it begin!

Look 8/40:

I’m usually not a fan of mustard-yellow, but I love the color scheme. The metallic belt seems to be a major component in this collection, and it’s a bold way to transition between the solid sweater and the gorgeous pattern of the skirt. As far as the silhouette of this look, consider me smitten.

Look 23/40:

I love how simplistic the silhouette of this dress is- simple scoop neck, sleek A-line, no sleeves- and it showcases the colorblocking of this unconventional but beautiful color scheme. The diagonal lines are very flattering, and the 3 horizontal tiers are spaced in such a way that they, along with the diagonal lines, lengthen and slim the whole look- love it.

Look 28/40:

Everything about this says ‘sleek, professional, stylish’. The metallic belt is eye-catching without detracting from the brilliantly implemented diagonals, the straight cut of the legs and sleeves are straightforward (no pun intended), the deep V-neck emboldens an otherwise simplistic outfit… and, even though they have pointy toes, I do like the shoes. 🙂

Well… that didn’t go so well- I had a lot of issues with the silhouettes in this collection, particularly with the hemlines! I can appreciate mid-calf and tea-length hems, but that have to be done in a way that DOESN’T make the wearer seem shorter than they are. I think it would be very safe to say that the model for this collection is quite tall, most models are, and some of the designs (in my markedly-not-professional opinion) didn’t do the model justice. And, while I realize that the clothes are the point, I’m biased more towards wearable clothes. Sorry, Roksanda- but for this collection I only chose 3/40 for a 7.5% rating from me.

Time to try out different websites/slideshows/collections! I’m open to any and all collections- past, present, and future- so feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message.

Sincerely, Me.

Browsing: Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015

I’m working from this slideshow and, just like last time, these are my favorite looks.

Look 1/26:

I love everything about this. The over-the-knee boots are gorgeous and bring out the maroon of the dress and the black belt cinching the tastefully patterned coat which in turn is accented by the bright blue bag. Perfectly balanced.

Look 2/26:

This has a playful hippie vibe, with colorful patterns, a sheer overlay, and a medallion pendant on a long chain all work together wonderfully- I love the shape of this dress and how it’s belted to flatter most, if not all, body types.

Look 7/26:

I’m loving the bright colors and bold floral patterns in this collection! The necklace is a subtle texture for the neckline, the sash is the belt’s more informal cousin to loosen up the look, and the 3/4 sleeves keep the outline simple which keeps the look from being too busy and lets the gorgeous pattern shine.

Look 8/26:

It’s hard to make a floor-length dress seem casual, but as a sleeveless halter-top, this look retains sophistication while giving off an easy, bohemian vibe.

Look 15/26:

This has got to be my favorite look of this collection- the metallic accents of the rich burgundy of the jacket fits perfectly with its shape, silhouette, and the boots that I know have complimentary colors. Stunning all around.

Look 23/26:

This dress actually has a counterpart, but it didn’t carry itself as well as this color scheme which is why I’ve only included this one. This look has the same aztec/art deco feel to it, and the fading concentration of the pattern from the hemlines moving up make the bottom of the dress and sleeves seem heavier which, in turn, makes helps elongate her figure.

Look 24/26:

Woah! Talk about a shot out of left field- this very formal addition to this collection is both unexpected and welcome as an elegant evening gown in a startling cobalt blue. the illusion hem and the slit up the side brings intrigue (and movement- all you ladies out there can appreciate the luxury of taking long strides in formal wear), the diagonal lines of the wrapped texture elongate the torso and are flattering to the waistline, the belt accentuates the waist as having the smallest diameter of the torso, and the grecian-twist neckline keeps shoulders from seeming too wide and actually elongates the neck (who knew?)

Look 26/26:

As the last (but most certainly, not the least) look of this collection, I’m in love with the metallic/solid black contrast. The grecian neckline and emphasized geometric shapes are busy (but not too busy) and the floor-length skirt is simplicity done right. I can see someone wearing this on a nicer day in winter, maybe with a jacket to fend off a cold breeze. And the defining lines (neck and waist) work together in a way that this model looks like she’s standing on stilts- beautifully done.

Well, that wraps up the Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015 collection. 8 of 26 made the cut for a 30.77% approval rating from me. Until I found this collection, I hadn’t heard of Matthew Williamson- I know I’ll be keeping an eye on him to see what he does next.

Two text posts in a night?! Sorry, I know it’s a lot, but I’ve been watching Star Trek for 2 and a half hours so… I’ll finally be going to bed.
Goodnight all you lovely people, looking forward to adding more posts!
Sincerely, Me