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Met Gala 2014: 33-36

Here’s the slideshow I’ve been using:

33. Chloe Sevigny(Kenzo)

Chloe Sevigny

Yes, this is a DRESS, not just a top and slacks as it originally appears. The slit up the middle of the dress is odd, and the waist up is a convoluted mixture of yellow, black, and white seemingly tied together with thin black straps. Why. Just why. NAY.

34. Jessica Parcé(Michael Kors)

Jessica Paré

Look at that smile!!! The black and white pattern is busy, but since there are no other detail colors, I think it works. The black lines of the bustier top are a little strange, but not so much that they detract from the dress. YAY!

35. Kristen Wiig(Balenciaga) & Alexander Wang

Kristen Wiig, Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is dapper as always. But Kristen…oh honey, why? The top of the dress had so much going for it, and then… the hoop happened. I believe that the inside of the hoop is lined with a sparkly fabric, which redeems the excess of black, but really? It’s a HOOP.

36. Bradley Cooper(Tom Ford)

Bradley Cooper

I’ve never been a fan of the beard on Bradley, but he is and will always be the epitome of the “adorahot” phenomenon. YAY!