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Met Gala 2014: 17-20

I worked from this slideshow:

17. Katie Holmes(Marchesa)

Katie Holmes

I have a grudge against the color Mustard (because I’m a weirdo) but pairing it with crimson redeems how alarming the color is (kind of). However, Katie’s complexion does not do well with mustard…at all. If this dress were in a color that suited her better, I would probably give it more leeway- but as it is, I’m going to have to say NAY.

18. Michelle Williams(Louis Vuitton)

Michelle Williams

Michelle is gorgeously fair-skinned, and so I’m not a huge fan of the pristine white in the dress. I actually really like the pattern, the mix of colors is actually kind of genius, but the stripes of blue are too parallel for how structured the dress is. She can pull off the shape of this dress, which is much harder to do than people probably think, but the colors are throwing me off too much for the merits to outweigh the shortcomings. NAY.

19. Amy Adams(with Louboutin shoes…which you can’t see. Anyway, moving on)

Amy Adams

Gah, so many of these dresses are absolutely spectacular, but are ruined by the colors not matching the complexions of these beautiful people. I wish the barely-blue-silver was a bit more blue than it is, but the dress fits and complements her figure so well that I’m going to overlook the color. YAY!

Rita Ora

20. Rita Ora(Donna Karan Atelier)

WHYYYYY. The only part about this that I like is the color and the top of the dress from the waist up. That’s it. The crinoline doesn’t match up with any of this, and the wraparound fabric and shoe straps(and it even goes past the knee? Seriously??) is WAY too much. Personally, I think this dress is a complete trainwreck- so, no offense to the designer(kind of), it’s a drastic NAY.