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The Oscars 2015- Looks 1-5

I’m working from Vogue’s slideshow here.

1. Solange Knowles (Christian Siriano)
Oh honey… why. First of all, the red lip is a poor choice paired with all of the rest of the red. Second, there is a major fabric-situation going on: 1) There’s SO much of it. 2) Yes, red is a good color for Solange, just not this particular red-orange-shiny variety. 3) Even beyond the excess fabric, the cut is really not flattering at all- the shoulders are very obviously poorly fitted, bunching up at the round of the shoulder, and stretched too tightly across the chest as is evident by the stress through the seam separating sleeve from dress. The asymmetrical cut around the waist was at least kind of an attempt to shape this dress, but the waist isn’t defined at all, there are two small draped sections on either side of the dress, effectively widening her hips (and waist, since it isn’t separately defined) and… IS THAT A POCKET?! NAY.

2. Lady Gaga (Alaía)
As the master of all things odd, this dress is actually quite flattering as dresses go. The sleeves are… awkward, at best. (I mean seriously, can she even put her arms at her sides? Doubtful.) The neckline works well with how busy everything else is- the waistline is fitted well, with the skirt flaring at the natural waist, and the actual fabric of the skirt is gorgeous. It’s thickness lends to the beautiful lines and draping of the skirt, and the pattern makes it so that the white isn’t overpowering. The dress, despite the sleeves, is a YAY from me.
And let’s… not even talk about the gloves. Red rubber gloves? Okay Gaga, you do you.

3. Meryl Streep (Lanvin, jewelry by Fred Leighton)
This is elegant perfection. Long, black, well-fitting skirt slims and lengthens her legs; the white, appropriately deep v-neck is loose and just draped over the belt cinched at the natural waist, adding texture to the otherwise simple and clean dress. The very sharp peak-lapeled suit coat and her gorgeous stilettos are just icing. A definite YAY from me!

4. Emma Stone (Elie Saab Haute Couture, jewelry by Tiffany Blue Book Collection)
Okay… everything about this dress is cringeworthy. First of all, this is one of the last colors that the beautiful Emma should be wearing. It’s… chartreuse? I think? The only thing this dress has going for it is the silhouette, the neckline and long sleeves go nicely with the thigh-high slit and the trailing fabric. HOWEVER- upon closer inspection, not only is this dress a horrendous shade for her complexion, but it’s also sheer between the fabric pattern itself. And matching the color of your shoes with the color of your dress seems very… prom, to me. Sorry, love- it’s a NAY from me.

5. Jennifer Aniston (Atelier Versace)
I was surprised how well Jennifer pulled this nude tone off, or rather that her complexion pulled it off. It’s almost too light through the top, but the detailing and angles help emphasize that the fabric is NOT skin. So, letting the color slide, the fit of the dress probably makes it impossible to walk in (but that’s just me) and the top of the dress is tight. Way too tight. I’ve seen this a lot in everything from bridesmaid dresses to prom dresses, to anything else that warrants a strapless anything is bound to have a weird fit- it’s an awkward dance between tight enough so that everything stays where it’s supposed to but not so tight that either you can’t breathe or, in Jen’s case, it looks like your shoulders and back are too big for the dress (which, I’m positive, is not the case). Between the iffy color and the poor fit, it’s a NAY from me, but not by a lot.
And for future reference, a correctly fitting strapless dress is one where you can stand up straight and lift your arms over your head without passing out or the dress falling.


Notes from me:
Would you guys want me to make posts about proper fitting clothing/shoes/etc.?
I’d love feedback and/or any suggestions for posts from you guys- so if you want to see something, just comment and I’ll make it happen!



Met Gala 2014: 29-32

I got these from this slideshow:

29. Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons

Well this is… unfortunate. The draping of the fabric in the deep v neckline combined with the jacket and wide legged pants is all way too much fabric. Any one of these separately would go well with some sort of formfitting other half. And the tassels. Just… tassels. NAY.

30. Marion Cotillard(Dior)

Marion Cotillard

So I looked at this for about 10 minutes before I realized why this bothered me so much: The mesh/faux-see-through core piece is a different pattern than the circle-cutout-skirt overlay. Which, by the way, is strangely similar to a rubber mat I’ve lined trays with to dry out my shoes after it rains… but that’s not the point. The point is that this dress is both alarmingly busy and unnerving at first glance because you’re not sure why your eye can’t create a seamless transition between the two barely-different patterns. NAY.

31. Solange Knowles(3.1 Phillip Lim)Solange Knowles

Gah. Drop-waisted anything is not flattering by any means, and the flaired pickup hemline gives the impression that she got stuck in an upended flower. Can’t do it. NAY.

32. Joy Bryant(Marchesa)

Joy Bryant

This dress is stunning and somehow brings out Joy’s exotic features. The color matches her skin perfectly, and the asymmetry lengthens her body making her look insanely tall(She’s 5’9″ and looks 6′ at least!). The crochet/lace detailing adds to the lines of the dress, but makes it look almost like a more casual summer dress… but other than that, this dress radiates high class elegance for an equally elegant woman. YAY!