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Met Gala 2014: 41-44

41. Kate Bosworth(Stella McCartney)

Kate Bosworth

Kate is beautiful, and the color of this dress is very flattering. But she’s SO skinny that this fabric may not have been the best choice. While I’m not sure what this fabric is, it’s obviously very unforgiving- her hipbones are drastically jutting out and the cutout top doesn’t fit her very well. NAY.

42. Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour

The shape of this dress and how it hovers around her feet suggests quite a bit of crinoline, which would be fine, except how the hemline makes her skirt look like a bubble. Paired with the vibrant pink and the ruffles(ruffles, really?) it looks like a dress someone might have a doll wear, not something that should be on the red carpet. NAY.

43. Rachel McAdams(Ralph Lauren)

Rachel McAdams

The shape of this dress is simple, and while the top is fitted a bit poorly, but the simplicity is actually quite genius considering how complicated fashion design is becoming. On a different note, this color keeps popping up- I’m not sure why, but it’s too light a variant of lavender to keep from graying out just about every complexion… Rachel included. NAY.

44. Rashida Jones(Tory Burch)

Rashida Jones

Not sure what’s going on with the top of this dress, I think it may just be a bit/lot too tight across the shoulders…? The skirt looks like it has quite a bit of excess fabric, but I’m going to pretend that it’s some sort of train that has been swept around and underneath her because I really like this dress- all of the asymmetry is very flattering, and quite plainly… I think the fabric is pretty 🙂 YAY!